About EPX Online

EPX online is managed by a team of people from leading Indian Institutes with rich experience in engineering market place. The team is already in the business of helping Industrial Marketers by providing market Intelligence through www.newsonprojects.com  The EPX online is  created to solve those issues in selling and buying of industrial goods market place community as a whole. Please read further on how do we solve.

For sellers:

The Industrial selling and buying process is complicated. It is always very difficult task to identify potential buyers as the requirement and demand generation is based on multiple factors. A better product or a better price may not guarantee a sale. The industrial products market demand  from replacement market is very rare.  So where does the demand comes from ? The major demand derived from expansion, modernization and green field new projects by manufacturers.  Meeting your buyer at the right time, while they are setting up new projects and expansion makes all those advantage of your product meaningful. We at EPX taking that mammoth responsibility to connect with buyers at right time in point of sale.  EPX online is not just platform but a virtual market place, a marketing tool, to meet and communicate information about  your products easily to potential buyes. It enable you as a tool to interact with potential buyers online at the time of setting up  new projects when the real need arise. Leave that timing to us.

For buyers:

Buying engineering products are nevertheless easy. The Purchase Manager and Project Managers works closely with consultant to make their purchase decision. Too many decision makers and parameters are considered. Identifying the dependable source of supplier within the project budget and specification is a daunting task for Purchase and Project Managers.  Suppliers are many but identifying the suitable vendor in the market place requires lot of efforts and time. EPX  solves those pertinent tasks by providing not just market place platform also a information and  tools to search, compare and shortlist potential vendors.